Monday, 30 March 2009

Mon Nyin Chin

I tried to make Monn Nyin Chin. Hope that will be successful.

Here is my Shan Chin. Successful...Good!!!
Thanks to Ma Lu.

I invite you all.


zunelamoe said...

I saw yr name (shinlay) at lulucooking blog. I think shinlay is my friend & search yr blog. At last I got it. Very nice to read yr blog.Pl write more & more.
With love,

Shinlay said...

Moe, Thanks for visiting...
I am happy to meet you again.

yin said...

Ma Ei,

Very Nice to meet u again.It is amazing that u know how to cook alot of burmese food.Expecially shan chin. Keep it up and I will always waiting ur new recepies.

Yin Yin

Mr.Pu said...

Shinlay, bitte teile uns das Recept von Monn Nyin Chin mit!!Ich liebe es.