Friday, 28 December 2007

About Me!!!!!!

My name is Shinlay. I live in Germany for 8 years. My original country is Myanmar. Although I stay in Germany for long time, I feel myself as a Myanmar and I am very proud to be a Myanmar lady. I dream nearly everyday about my mother, friends and people in Myanmar.

In Myanmar I lived in Kamayut,Yangon. although I am one and only daughter, I have 10 cousins. We live in a big compound together. Later I will write about my brothers and sisters.

My High School is TTC. I have still contact with some friends from TTC. All these Childhood-Friends are really nice to meet them or hear something about them.
I studied International Relations at the Yangon University. All these Uni Friends are also nice. I am really happy to meet them again.

I met my husband in Yangon and decided to come and stay in Germany.


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you !

Sawasdee KAP,


Anonymous said...

Good day! and take care!