Saturday, 29 December 2007

my husband...Thomas....

Ich habe einen Mann. He is 19 years older than me. We met in Yangon, Myanmar in last 9 years ago. We married in Staufen, a small old town in south Germany. He is Thomas. He has other names: U Ko Ko Maung and sometimes I call him "Pappa".We are happy together.
He likes traveling with Train. He doesn't like any noise e.g, from dogie ( Funny: our neighbour's dog), children.....
He is happy to stay away from dog und children....But he likes to listen Techno Musik. He collects Dream Dance.He cannot cook. Sometimes he tries to help me by washing dishes (Danke).
He can do chanting very well. He is happy to be a good Buddhist. Because of him I started my first meditation course in IMC (England). Later my mother started to meditate in IMC (Yangon).
He likes Müsili with dried nuts..he can live on it.(actually I don't need to cook for him!!!). He also likes Lakritz.
Sometimes he can be angry when he could not get enough sleep.
Anyway I love him.


koko said...

Ei Ei is my "shwe"
She is also my "kalele"
she likes to be"kalele pitschinde"
She is very brave to come to Germany.
She did very well to adopt to this country.
She even managed to finish a totally new education "Arzthelferin"
She also leaned German very well.
She is happy to take care of the husband.
But she has some difficulties to understand a strange person like me.
When I have insomnia her patience sometimes comes to an end.
So I pretend to be strong, because she likes to have a strong husband.
koko (alias thomas b.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks koko, that you understand me well.
Please try to understand me and give Metta to me more and more.
I am happy with you together.

Smiles said...

very lovely post. just today i visited ur blog getting link from but I can't stop reading all posts, finally I reached here. have a very happy together life with ur ko ko maung!

Anonymous said...