Friday, 28 December 2007

Ah May, my mother, meine Mutter

I love my mother. I think every Myanmar loves Ah May( mother). When I was in Myanmar I didn't realize how my mother is lovely and important. Now I am far away from her and then I realize her Metta (Love). Luckily I still have a chance to give back my Metta to her.
Her name is Daw Than Than Sein. She is 75 years old and lives in Kamayut. She is waiting my Phone call every Saturday and happy to talk with me. She will explain me everything and ask me How are you and Thomas? Take care your health....
We can meet only 4 weeks in a year.

She goes nearly every 2nd week of Friday to IMC for 10 days meditation course. We are happy for that. When I was young, she had never been at the Meditation Center. I told her to go and meditate. But her response was "I have no time and I have to take care you". Now because of my husband, Thomas, she has started to meditate since 5 years already. Danke Thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you (Ah may) a happy, healthy and peaceful life.....

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