Saturday, 29 December 2007

my friends......

I think I have many friends. I have still contact with some of my Kindergarten friends, High School friends, Uni friends and soon. My first friends in KG are Mie Aung and Mie Cho (twin sisters). I call Mie Aung as Pusi. Now she is in Yangon. Mie Cho is now in Singapore. Wa Maung is one of my friends. We danced together with Moe San, Myintzu, Wah Han, La Thein. We danced water festival days. So my mother had no time to take 8 Precepts. She carried my dress and took care me from stage to stage. Whenever I think about dancing group, Aunty Tu Tu is always in my thought. Daw Khin Win Myint taught us how to dance. (and other teachers of course). I have also contact with Kaythi and That Hnin Aye.I was also one of the members of Wit Athin ( Chanting Group). The name of our group was Aleinmar Wit Athin. Our teacher was U Thit San Lwin. I have still good memory of our activities in TTC with Ko Pauk ( Mg Htut, now in USA), Moe Thuzar ( now in Singapore), Ohma Khin, Yin Myint, Ma Thida Sein, Ma Mya Mya Soe ( Ma Mya Mya Phyo is now my neighbour in Yangon) and others. We went to many places like Shwedagon, meditation censers, private homes, and at our school and we were chanting there. I got some prices from chanting competitions. Thanks for these activities, I can still chant Metta Sutta, Mingala Sutta, and soon. Because of the teaching of U Thit San Lwin, I have some knowledge of Dhamma to discuss with Thomas and to understand his Dhamma books( he has many Dhamma books at his library).
In Uni I had three closed friends, Soe Sanda, Sandi and Sanda(Bae Oo). Later Nwe and PoPo were also in our group. I did not have any contact with Polay. My other friends are Thi Aye, Nyo Nyo Han, Aye Khine, Moe Moe Lwin ,Soe San Thein, Maung Ohn, Hla Win Aung and Hla Min Oo. The days in Uni were the most beautiful days in my life. We had no big worries and we did nearly all the nonsense. We went sometimes to 36th Street Kyee Oe. Soe San's house was our meeting point. We were happy to joke Bae Oo. She didn't know that we were joking her.

After my study, I worked at our Department in Yangon Uni. There I met other friends; Ma Chaw, Ma Kay, Ma Yu, Ko Soe Moe Oo, Ko Moe Aung, Ma Mar Thu, Ma Win Mar, Myo Pa, Thida, Khin Moe Aye, and Ye Min Tun.Ko Soe Moe Oo is now in Germany. We can phone and meet sometimes.

In Germany I got new friends like Hteik, Pon, Theingi, Thanegi ( Berlin), Ma Myint Myint Sein and Aunty Hninsi ( Yuyu and Ko Ko).

Here I phone frequently with Theingi . I can talk her everything.

I love my friends and I am ready to help them whenever they need my help.


Anonymous said...

Ma ET,
visited your site.
Pls keep in touch.

Htet Aung (Mg Mg Lay)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.