Monday, 22 June 2009

10th Wedding Anniversary

Today(22.06.09) is our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrate
very simply. This morning Thomas gave me a nice ring, which I like.

He picked me up at my work and we
went to Staufen, where our official
married ceremony took place. We
packed the same packing place and
walking around. Today it was raining.
Last 10 years was sunny.
Then we went to a restaurant and
have a lunch together.

Today I suggested to eat in a german restaurant, which we are
not frequently go and eat. Normally we are used to go Indian or
Thai one.But it was not a bad idea.
We had a nice lunch.

After lunch we made some photos,
although it was raining.
When we ware back home, we
called my mother. She was also
happy to listen what we were doing today.

In the evening we went to Fitness Studio together. We did Miha circle
training together and went to the Steam-Bath.

Today is a nice day for us. I hope that we can carry on understanding
and kindness each other for future.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary !
May you both be able to continue and enjoy love, trust, understanding, care and support for each other for many more years to come.

Andy Myint said...

Cheers! Happy Anniversary :)

ပန္းခရမ္းျပာ said...

Happy Anniversary !!!!

Nan Thandar said...

Happy Anniversary & many happy returns!

rose of sharon said...

Happy anniversary....wishing you all the best..

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Happy belated anniversary!!!

momiji said...

today,first time to read.
nice to read this post.