Friday, 17 April 2009

New Year Day (1371)

Today is our Myanmar New Year day.
This morning I played Paritta and Patthana. I took 8 precepts today.
We cleaned Buddha images and offered flowers.
I cooked shan wet thachin and I had to eat before 12:00 am.
In Myanmar during new year time we are making good deeds as much as
At home my Aunty will distribute Myanmar traditional Shampoo
to neighbours and relatives. They will make sweet and distribute them.

Some people will make Satuditha. This means they made food and everybody
can come and eat as they like. Some will do jiwitadhana, they released fish ,
cows or bird.That is why this day is full of Kusala and everybody is happy
for that.

In evening they will invite monks and the monks will chant Paritta
on the street. This ceremony will be celebrated nearly in every street .
Some will make thet kyi pu zaw pwe; pay respect to the elder. They will invite
old men and ladies above 70 years old in the street and will give Dahnna to

At night they will sitting together and sharing their Kusala to family members.
In this way we started our new year in Myanmar.

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Anonymous said...

I am watching, whether she will eat or not. Its now 8.47 pm and she still didn't eat. Although she complained already......
so far I say Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu !
Ko Ko Maung