Friday 31 October 2008

I was in Yangon.

I was in Yangon for three months.
I was happy with my mother to stay together again.
All the time with my mother except one small trips to Thaton.
We talked days and nights. Endless...
I cooked for her what she likes, of course for me too. I cooked
mostly fish and some vegetable that I could not get in Germany.
We had a nice time. Both of us were happy.

My Mother is getting older. I can see it. I want to stay with her. But I cannot.
I believe that she wants also to stay with me. How to do?
We have to stay where we should. But wherever I am, I Love you, mama...

I got also new nephew. Hain sithu Aung. Nice boy, one year old.
I was busy with him and his family: Pepe, Thu Thu, Ni Ni and sometimes
Ko Zaw. They came to us in Weekends. I made Food like Kyee Oh, Mee Shee, Kaw yee, Malar Hin.... Now I miss them...

Sometimes some of my friends came to me and made food together.
They are actually friends Thomas. I want to thank Yin Yin, Ni Ni, Yin Nwe, Su Su, Ma Soe, Nwe, San San and Zin Maung Tun.