Monday 2 February 2009

Ko Phyoe is just married!!!!!!!!

Ko Phyoe is just married. We have 11 cousin in our Compound, which locates in Hledan, Kamayut, Yangon. With the thanks of my Grandmother, we are living there together. It is a big compound with 4 houses. From this four families we have 11 cousin.

The oldest one is Ko Win Min, who is still singel ( Lu Pyo Gyi), then Ma Cho,Ko Gyi( two days older than me), Shinlay, Thin Thin, Ko Myo, Ko Zaw, Pauk Pauk, Pae Pae, Ko Phyoe and Ko Zay. Among us Pae Pae married first, then Shinlay, Ko Gyi, Ko Myo and now Ko Phyoe .

I have a good memories for our childhood Life. Ko Gyi and I grown up together under my Grandmother. I liked to play with other children and my grandma didn't like it.
because of my guidence, Ko gyi followed me to play with others. After that we had problem with Grandma.

Ko Win Min and MaCho lived at that time in Thuwana. So we visited them or they visited us.
when we were in Thuwana, Aunty Mu, the mother of them, bought us Mont lout song.
They had beautiful fishes.

When I was in Kindergarden, Ko gyi's family moved to Taunggyi. So I was alone in Hleden.
They came back to Yangon when I was in 4th Standard. I visited them in Taunggyi one time. Pauk Pauk was born in Taunggyi.

ko Zaw, Pae Pae and Ko Zay lived at that time in Khine Shwe Wa Street. But most of the time they were at our place.

Ko Phyoe is the 10th one of our generation. When he was born we were already grown up.

Thin Thin and Ma Cho were passed away. Now we have only 9.
Now Ko Gyi, Ko Myo, Pauk Pauk and Ko Phyoe are living in Singapore. Shinlay is in Germany, Ko Zay is working at a Shipping line, and Ko Win Min,Ko Zaw and Pae Pae are in Yangon.

Pae Pae has two children, Thu Thu and Bi Bi Lan ( Sithu Aung). Ko Gyi has one child, Nyi Htat Aung.
Last year I was in Yangon and Ko Gyi was also there. So we went out one evening. Ko Zaw invited us.

This is about our generation. Now Ko Phyoe , the second youngest one is already married.
Slowly we are not young any more.