Wednesday 31 December 2008

The last day of 2008

Today is 31.12.08. The last day of this year.When I woke up this morning I saw the Snow.
I wish all of you
a very happy new year and good health, good wealth and good business in 2009.
Today I don't need to go to work. I get 5 days off. Tonight I will make new year food for us.
Tomorrow I will go to Berlin to meet my friend,Theingi, and there we will give Soon offering for a Buddhist Monk.
We did last year also. That is why I will make Ngapikyaw and Shwe chi today. I asked Thomas to help me.

Thursday 25 December 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Yesterday was X'mas Eve 24.12.08. Here in Germany they call this day Heiligabend. This day is very important for the Family member to celebrate Christmas time of the year. The shops and some office open only half day.
People bought the best food for this day and excitedly prepared for this fest. All family members come and meet at the parents house. They eat together and give presents each other.
We have actually no other family member in Germany. So this day is for us no significance. This time we planned to do something instead of sitting at home. We went to a restaurant ( some restaurants open this evening ). The name of this restaurant is Cheers in Emmendingen, which is 40 Min. drive from our House. The owner is the brother of my working colleague, Gavina. She and her family also came there and we sit together.
It was a nice time for me and for Thomas also. We talked this and that. Gavina's mother gave me a present. It was a book for Christmas cookies.It is a nice present for me. I can try my baking talent. Danke Mama!
At about 22:00 we were back at home.
This was my first Christmas dinner in Restaurant at Heilegabend.

Saturday 13 December 2008

New experience of cookies making...

These days I have time for my Hobby. I am happy to cook and to try new one. Last week I tried to bake the Christmas cookies. Although it was the first time for me,I could manage it. Good result. With the help and instruction of my new friend, Gavina, I got delicious cookies.
Thanks Gavina..............