Monday, 30 March 2009

Mon Nyin Chin

I tried to make Monn Nyin Chin. Hope that will be successful.

Here is my Shan Chin. Successful...Good!!!
Thanks to Ma Lu.

I invite you all.


Flowers in Yangon.
( for my Birthday,2008)

These flowers look like our Nug. They are actually not beautiful as ours. Only the yellow colour is the same. Anyway in this New Year time I am happy to see these flowers. Here the green leaves are missing!!!!!!!

Here is our Padauk which is the symbol of Thingyan, New Year Water Festival in Myanmar.
In April I miss Padauk and Thingyan. I hope you too.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

The nice days........

These days I was lazy to write my Blog. But I visited many Blogs. They are very interesting for me. I like cooking and there are many good Blog with cooking instructions. My favourite one is Lu Lu cooking. I visit also We she me, sadagu, Hta Min O, ...... I visit also Ma May Nyane.

Whenever I read all these Blog I feel that I am in Myanmar.

Last weekends I was in Duisburg to visit Ma Myint Myint Sein. She show me the new Blog: hsa*ba. It was a nice blog and the links are also interesting ( to see some myanmar products).

In Duisburg I had a nice time. I like her appartment and I feel well there. We watched DVD from Myanmar: Ryin Go ( the songs from Ko AnGyi); Hya Mar nay Win; and even some Minutes for Korean Movie.

She cooked Chin paung Kyaw, Amae thar hin, Nga Pi Kyaw, Chin yee hin. I made Wet nayot thout. we ate Pae Pyout Naan Pyar.

There I bought one Handbag. I like to buy something for rememberance. whenever I see this bag I remember the nice days in Duisburg.

Ohhhh I felt like in Myanmar.
I would like to thank Ma Ma and everybody who make me Happy.