Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hey... I can cook Dan Bauk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Sunday I tried to cook Dan Bauk. Before I cooked it I had to ask advice from Ma Myint Myint Sein and Aunty Ohnn. They explained me how to cook it.

Thomas likes it very much. In Yangon he ate it often. Tin aye Dan Bauk shop is near our Appartment. So it was good for him. Now here in Germany we have no Tin Aye Danbauk, no Nilar Dan bauk. So Shinlay have to cook it. So let's call Shinlay Danbauk...

Beacuse of excellent instruction from my friends, my Dank Bauk was very delicious. Thomas said Oh it is like in Yangon. We ate it with Thayet thee Thanet and Nga pi kyaw.

When you come and visit me next time, I will cook it for you.

Friday, 16 January 2009

I visited my Mama in Freiburg.

yesterday I was at my colleague GAVINA. It was a nice day for me. First Iwe pay short visit at her parents. They live not far from her. Then we went to her place and ate bread and tea. Gavina showed her wedding photos, which are so beautiful. after that we went to her parents again.
I talked with her mama. She is a nice lady. Although she is sick, she tried to explain me a lot. I love her and I felt that I have my another mama
in Germany. Then papa made a photo of us. Mama, I wish you all the best and may you be recovered as quick as possible. She calls me YuYu. I like it also. Now I have an another name. Nice!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

I was in Berlin

I was in Berlin from 1.1.09 to 4.1.09. It was a nioce trip. I stayed at my friend, Thengi House.
We talked days and nights. On 3. 1.09 we gave Dhana to Monk and other Myanmar friends in Berlin. Sanda and Ko Lay, Ma tin and U Tin Pe, Bo Ma and her family.
We cooked Steamed Beef, Fried Fish, Thi son kalahin, Napi kyaw, A sein kyaw, Po ti thout.....
There I found out how to make Pae Pout and where to find Nan pyar.

Now I am at home again and I tried to make Pae Pout. Not yet successful. I found Nan pyar.
It was a nice trip and thanks to Thengi and Günter.